06 December 2006

Wayback: 85,898,456,616 and Counting

The Wayback Machine is one of the Internet's best-kept secrets:

A snapshot of the World Wide Web is taken every 2 months and donated to the Internet Archive by Alexa Internet. Further, librarians all over the world have helped curate deep and frequent crawls of sites that could be especially important to future researchers historians and scholars.

As web pages are changed or deleted every 100 days, on average, having a resource like this is important for the preservation of our emerging cultural heritage.

And even for someone like me, who uses it all the time, numbers like this still take the breath away:

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine now has 85,898,456,616 archived web objects in it


The database contains over 1.5 petabytes of data that came from the web (that is 1.5 million gigabytes) which makes it one of the largest databases of any kind.

And a cyber-pearl beyond price. (Via Open Access News.)

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