13 October 2007

Is Apache About to Get Scalped?

Certainly looks like it:

Apache loses 2.8% share this month, partly through the strong growth at the major blogging systems, and partly due to 2.5 million domains on Apache expiring at trouble-free.net. Apache has around a 10% market share advantage over IIS now, which is the smallest gap between the two since IIS was launched in 1996.

The only consolation is that Apache's job is done: it has the shown the way. Today, if necessary, we can live without Apache as an example of how Microsoft can be beaten in a market, because the total open source story is now so strong.


Anonymous said...

Until it get paid by Microsoft to "draw" the numbers, you can consult this source too:


It is more neutral and exact.

Relax...nothing has changed. Most iron ( servers ) still runs Apache. Don't be fooled with this mega parking and mega explosion of bloggers DNS names.

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks - see my later post on the same.