27 November 2007

Getting Organised for Grids

I've always liked the idea of grids - creating virtual supercomputers by hooking up often geographically distant systems. It goes almost without saying that free software rules the grid roost, notably in the form of the Globus Toolkit. Now there's a new meeting place for open source gridders, with the easy-to-remember URL grid.org:

Grid.org is intended to provide a single location where open-source cluster and grid information can be aggregated and where community members can exchange information, experiences, and ideas related to the complete open source cluster software stack. In particular, but not exclusively, Grid.org provides a community where users of Cluster Express, and the various open source components it comprises, can interact with each other and with the source code.

This has only just been (re-)launched, so content and community are still slightly thin on the ground, although it is already good on Cluster Express:

Cluster Express 3.0 is open source cluster management software that integrates best-of-breed open source technologies to provide everything one needs to run technical and advanced computing applications on a cluster.

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