19 November 2007

When Oink Went to Piggy Heaven

Here's a wise post on why it is utterly pointless pursuing P2P services and their associated tracker aggregation sites:

What effect has this attack on tracker sites had? Well, to use the example of Oink, it has been entirely negative for the mafiaa. I didn't know what Oink was, as I had never heard of it, until it was busted. I now do know the names of the two successor sites now based on news reports of what happened after Oink went to piggy heaven. Should I ever care, I now know where to go for illegal torrents. I suspect there are several million more like me who were handed a roadmap by just about every IT news site out there, along with the news that absolutely zero people using the site were busted along with the ops. Can you say own goal?

Interestingly, what this comes down to is access to information: thanks to the Internet you and I have as much - often more - clue as to what's going on everywhere than the traditional news gatekeepers.

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