08 April 2008

Jisus - It's the Loongson Chip

Aside from its rather curious name, the Jisus ultraportable seems at first sight pretty standard:

* Monitor: 8.9” LCD screen (800×480 pixels), LED backlight, VGA port
* Processor: 1 GHz, 64-Bit Loongson 2F
* Graphics: SM712
* Memory: 512 MB DDR2-667
* RAM: 4GB Nand flash
* Operating system: Ubuntu, others possible

But closer inspection reveals something unusual: the use of the Loongson chip. As I've noted before, what makes this notable is that it's produced in China, using a non-standard architecture. Although there are claims that Windows CE has been ported to it, it's mainly used to run GNU/Linux. All of which makes it perfect for ultraportables. It will be interesting to see whether it turns up elsewhere. (Via Eee Site.)


Anonymous said...

A MIPS-like architecture cannot be said to be unusual.

Glyn Moody said...

Maybe not for cognoscenti, but for the man/woman on the Clapham Omnibus, I think it might seem a little exotic....

Anonymous said...

hey...the Jisus UMPC cannot run Windows...this is not an x86 PC.

it can run only customized versions of linux , like the one that comes with it....buyers beware

Glyn Moody said...

Indeed, that was my point: that this is an exotic chip, to which GNU/Linux has already been ported. I wouldn't exactly say "buyers beware", since not being able to run Windows seems to me to be an advantage....