24 April 2008

Open Enterprise Interviews

On my other gig, at Computerworld UK, there's now a handy page bringing together the growing collection of interviews with open source luminaries. Here's the list so far:

Denis Lussier: Postgres

Rich Guth: Actuate

Jeff Haynie: Appcelerator

Ismael Ghalimi: Intalio

Mary Lou Jepsen: One Laptop Per Child founding CTO

Howard Chu: OpenLDAP chief architect

Ivo Jansch: PHP

Stefane Fermigier: Nuxeo

Javier Soltero: CEO Hyperic

Jono Bacon: Canonical's Ubuntu Community Manager

Fabrizio Capobianco: Funambol founder

Tristan Nitot: President Mozilla Europe

Dominic Sartorio: President Open Solutions Alliance

Mark Taylor: President Open Source Consortium

Lots more in the pipeline.

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