23 April 2008

OLPC is Dead...

...and Matthew Aslett is dead-on:

“One can be an open-source advocate without being an open-source fundamentalist,” Negroponte told the AP, while lamenting that the focus on open source software had caused technical problems, such as limiting support for Flash. “Negroponte said he was mainly concerned with putting as many laptops as possible in children’s hands,” added the AP.

The focus on laptop sales is laudable, but it is debatable whether it justifies abandoning open source software. This is a matter not of fundamentalism, but of principles.

Sad, but the prospect of Sugar running on other low-cost GNU/Linux laptops almost makes up for it.

Update: Even more on Negroponte's insane embrace of Windows XP, and his apparent lack of understanding as far as open source is concerned, here.

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