21 April 2008

Opendotdotdot Comments: An Apology

As several dozen of you will have noticed, I haven't been posting comments to some stories. The reason is simple: I never saw them. Gmail's spam filter decided that most of the comments sent to me for moderation should be summarily eaten.

It is only now, having gone through a few thousands spam messages, that I've found most of them (I hope) and posted them. Apologies for the delay. If I've missed any, please feel free to send them through again, and I'll try to save them from Gmail's anti-spam maw.

What's particularly worrying is that Google is rejecting messages from blogspot.com - it's own domain. Worse, I've found many Google alerts, from the google.com domain, also classed as spam. If Gmail can't even tell whether messages from Google are not spam, there's clearly something seriously wrong with Google's filters.

Anyone else having the same problems?


Anonymous said...

Would it be mean to suggest that this is what you get using closed technologies such as Blogger and GMail?

(Yeah, I'm a hypocrite. I do use Wordpress, but I work on OS X.)

Glyn Moody said...

Well, being pedantic, I don't think whether it's open or closed makes a difference: it's all about the rules applied, and they sit above such things.