11 February 2009

Yes He Can (Use Open Source)

Following the change of adminstration in the US, many are hoping for a more, er, open mind to open source. Some have decided to make a direct appeal via an open letter to the President on newly-created blog (a slightly strange choice of platform)....

On Open Enterprise blog.


Anonymous said...

To me it seems like there is a conflation of two ideas: open source and free software in the Gnu sense. I've always thought of open source as free software with all the annoying philosophy removed. By that I mean open source is the husk of free software.

Yet the quote in your piece seems to entreat using the power of free software. It seems a pity to go for the hope and change and simply get the husk of it. Let's hope that doesn't go for the presidency too.

Glyn Moody said...

Maybe: it just seems an odd way of phrasing it.