19 June 2006

Deliciously Open

It may be heretical to admit it, but I'm not a big user of bookmarks, either online or offline. Certainly, I have my del.icio.us account, but I find that this blog is a better place to dump my bookmarks (sorry, gentle reader).

Nonetheless, if you're going to use bookmarks, you may as well use an open bookmarking service like MarkaBoo. The man behind it is really trying:

My other number one priority tomorrow will be to get the seal of approval on a more conventional open source license. Right now I’m really only tossing around three possibilities: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (dropping the non-commercial requirement), the GPL (de-facto open source standard), or just pulling out all the stops and going with the MIT license. What do you think?

Good question: which do you prefer? (Via TechCrunch.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for checking out MarkaBoo. We really are trying to make a better service, and one that is TRULY open for the community to mold. We're going through some growing pains right now, but we're working hard at making the site as robust and scalable as the big guys. Keep the faith and thanks for the kind words!

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for the comment. I wish you every success. Who knows? I might even start bookmarking seriously...