13 June 2006

Wise Words of a Blog Heretic

"Thou shalt post at least once a day": that's the golden rule of blogging. Not according to this interesting post from Eric Kintz. The points he makes are good. But he skates over one of the main reasons why I, personally, go into manic multiple post mode (like today): because there are lots of interesting things I want to note for myself.

In effect, the blog becomes like a big online notebook - something I can access and refer to from anywhere. In a way, the premise is that I blog something if it's of interest to me, and relevant to my current concerns, in the hope that it might be of interest to others. So slowing down the blogging is actually something I don't want to do.

Well, not too often. Or, as St Augustine said: "not yet...." (Via C|net.)

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