19 June 2006

The Great Blog Carnival of the Vanities

Blogs are by their nature interactive and cross-referential. Their posts are often about other blog posts, and they encourage comments, which are then commented on, and may link to other blogs. But there is little in the way of formal structures gathering them together. Little, that is, apart from the blog carnival.

I first came across this concept when I took part in one - Tangled Bank number 51, to be precise. Carnivals are essentially self-selected groups of blog posts, submitted by the authors to a site that acts as a host for a particular topic. The host may be fixed or rotating. But the end-result is the same: a thought-provoking collection of items on a theme.

A good example that I came across today is the carnival Mendel's Garden, hosted at "The force that through..." (great blog name, Dylan). I especially liked the RNAi introduction that was included in the carnival, but then that's me all over.

If you want to find out more about carnivals, there's a whole site devoted to them. According to a page there, one of the first blog carnivals was called, appropriately enough, "Carnival of the Vanities". Alas, it seems to have slipped through the wormholes of cyberspace, but you can catch a glimpse of it frozen in time thanks to the Internet Archive.


Anonymous said...

I take this opportunity to put in a reminder for submissions to the first edition of Bio::Blogs :) a new bioinformatics carnival. If anyone is interested in submitting posts or hosting future editions more information can be found in the homepage (bioblogs.wordpress.com) or in the Nodalpoint forum.

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for the news - sounds great.

I'll try to cook up some bioinformatics goodness and send it in.

jasmine25 said...

I also like to submit some bio blogs...i am preparing some bioinformatics blogs and send it as soon