14 June 2006

Re-Joyce: Lessig is on the Case

Here's a fine demonstration of why copyright last too long.

The grandson of James Joyce is apparently deeply unhelpful when it comes to giving permission for extracts from his ancestor's works and letters to be used by academics. In other words, copyright - which is meant to promote learning and all other good things - is directly responsible for impeding the advancement of knowledge.

Now, this is just the kind of thing that gets Larry Lessig riled, so he has decided to fight the good fight on behalf of scholars the world over.

The Stanford Center for Internet and Society’s Fair Use Project has filed a law suit against Stephen Joyce, who claims the right to control access to the papers and letters of James Joyce.

And he adds this interesting comment:

This is the first in what we expect will be a series of cases defending the boundaries of fair use. Stay tuned.

(Via Ars Technica.)

Update: Wow: and now the Steinbecks are at it, too.

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