19 June 2006

Wikis: the New Blogs?

It's interesting how more companies are hoping that wikis are the new blogs. Mr Wikipedia himself was an early player here, with his Wikia. Now here comes Wetpaint (where do they get these names?). TechCrunch reckons that:

The service is incredibly easy to use (Jotspot comes close, but isn’t as mass-user friendly) - and it may bring a much larger audience to wikis than are currently comfortable using them.

I can see why blogs have taken off: it's vanity writing - a chance for the world to enjoy your wit and wisdom. But wikis are almost anti-vanity, since you let people scribble all over your precious masterpiece. Can't see it being so big, myself.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I see that you've written about Wetpaint, the new company that is trying to make wikis more mainstream and easy-to-use. I found an interesting article about them on Technology Review. They are also somewhat skeptical about wikis taking off with the general public. You can check out the article here:


Glyn Moody said...

Thanks - I'd not seen that. I'll take a look.