18 July 2006

From Elephant's Dream to Boy Who Never Slept

What makes a film open source? I've written before about Elephant's Dream, which is open source in the sense you can download all the Blender files that go to make it up. And now there's this:

Boy Who Never Slept is a free full length movie that anyone can watch, share, and even use in their own derivative works (open source).BWNS is about an insomniac writer and his relationship with a teenage girl he meets online. What begins as merely a friendship, evolves into an unlikely love wrapped in harsh reality..

There's a more thoughtful explanation, too:
In this sense an open source movie refers to finished video content released with a derivative license along with the "source" or original files used to create the finished video, are released with a derivative license as well. This allows a lot more ability for new artists to edit, remix, and evolve the original work.

Other items that may or may not be released along with the video content include the script or screenplay, the soundtrack, and the sound effects.

These source files are available here. (Via Enterprise Open Source Magazine.)

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