18 July 2006

World (Wide Web) War 2.0

One noticeable effect of blogs is that they can bring out the worst in people. In part, this is the email problem of being unable to judge tone writ large. But it also seems to be the case that the sheer ease-of-use of the medium encourages all kinds of loonies to creep out of the woodwork. Religious wars on the relative merits of free software and open source are quite mild compared to no-holds-barred attitude among the political blogs, which seem to polarise writers and readers alike.

That's why I tend to avoid sites like the one this appeared on, but as you will see from the post in question, something interesting is about to happen: the self-professed "lizardoids" are about to take on the "moonbats" in the Web 2.0 arena. What this means in practice is that there are going to be huge battles for the soul of Digg, with lots of marking up and down.

It might be quite entertaining, but it certainly won't be pretty. (Via BGSL.)

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