17 July 2006

Open Source is Better - Ask a Virus Writer

Virus writers are not known for their morals - or for being fanboys: they will use whatever means necessary to achieve their dubious ends. So when MacAfee warns that

Malicious-software writers are increasingly using open-source methodologies when developing their code

you can be pretty sure that this follows an extremely objective evaluation of the various competing development methods.

Maybe not quite the testimonial most free software enthusiasts were looking for, but a testimonial nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I read that paper earlier this morning - what a bunch of nonsense. It smells like FUD to me.

We might as well write an article titled "the dark side of computers", "the scary possibilities of programming languages", or "oh no! bad things can happen when people choose to collaborate!"

Glyn Moody said...

Well, even if it's FUD, it is implicity a compliment too, so I think it will backfire - not least because it just gives OSS yet more publicity.