18 July 2006

Last Night a DVD Saved My Life

Last night, my Windows 2000 box died. To be fair, it was nothing to do with Windows, but a dodgy hard disc. And yes, of course I have backups...it's just that they're not entirely up-to-date, and missing even a few days' data is a pain. I could re-install Windows and hope that gave me access to my data (stored on a separate partition), but this would take a few hours that I don't have, and might not work. Luckily there's a better way.

Booting up the PC with the Knoppix 5.0 Live DVD inside produced not only a working machine in a couple of minutes, with access to all of my data, but a cool 5000 programs at my beck and call. Including K3b, which meant that I could simply burn copies of the data I was missing. Problem solved.

Thanks, Knoppix: you're a gent.

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