02 July 2007

Up and At 'Em, Mappam

OpenStreetMap has always been one of my favourite open endeavours. It's a fine example of people getting fed up with official intransigence - in this case of the UK Government refusing to release public geodata - and getting off their bums to do something, rather than just whinge about it as others (like me) do.

So it's particularly gratifying to see that the chaps behind it are launching a geodata-related business, called Mappam:

Mappam helps you make money by adding relevant ads targeted to the exact place your visitors are browsing.

It's easy to set up and works with all the big web map services - Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, MultiMap and OpenStreetMap/OpenLayers.

Let's hope they've, er, found a way to make lots of dosh. (Via OpenBusiness.)


Anonymous said...

Right now I think the only sites in which Mappam ads do actually pop up are OpenStreetMap and Tagzania. You can see Mappam promotional ads all over Spain in Tagzania, like here http://www.tagzania.com/item/54643.

Commercial ads, tied to exact locations, are visible in England, as well, in this case, placements by Nestoria, the property search engine. See here, near Gatwick airport, for instance. The OSM map of that area also shows the same map: the advertisers buys a place all over the affiliate network of Mappam...

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for the info and links to your site - nice name.

Anonymous said...

luistxo, ParkatmyHouse.com also hosts Mappam ads.

Here is an interview with Nick Black of Mappam

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for those links.