22 October 2008

Andrew Keen is Right...

...when he writes:

The hungry and cold unemployed masses aren’t going to continue giving away their intellectual labor on the Internet in the speculative hope that they might get some "back end" revenue.

People aren't going to give away intellectual labour in that hope because...that's not why people contribute to Wikipedia, or Linux or any of the thousand other endeavours built around sharing, collaborating and giving.

As studies have shown, if you start paying people to do something that they are doing for the sheer pleasure of doing it, they suddenly lose much of the satisfaction they hitherto derived: people don't *want* to be paid for doing it - but they will want to be paid for doing something that do in order to get paid (aka "work").

And Mr Keen is absolutely spot-on again when he adds:

"Free" doesn’t fill anyone’s belly; it doesn’t warm anyone up.

Indeed not; but it does fill the *heart*, which has its own imperatives quite separate from the undeniable ones of the belly.... (Via Slashdot.)

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