08 October 2008

First, Catch Your "War on Terror"....

Watch this trick:

The Maryland State Police classified 53 nonviolent activists as terrorists and entered their names and personal information into state and federal databases that track terrorism suspects, the state police chief acknowledged yesterday.

Police Superintendent Terrence B. Sheridan revealed at a legislative hearing that the surveillance operation, which targeted opponents of the death penalty and the Iraq war, was far more extensive than was known when its existence was disclosed in July.

First, create a nebulous threat to the nation; call it something grand like, oh, "war on terror". Pass a set of wide-reaching laws that let you do anything to "fight" it. Then, redefine anyone who opposes you as a "terrorist" (after all, you are in favour of the "war on terror"; they are against you; therefore, they are against the "war on terror", and thus against the country). Apply previously created laws to the hilt.

Voilà! No more opposition. (Via Slashdot.)

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Would another World War solve the credit crunch? p