06 October 2008

Having Lots of Fon

One of the blogs I really enjoy reading is that of Fon's founder, Martin Varsavsky. What I love about his writing is his candour: he clearly writes what he thinks, even if it's slightly painful for others - or himself. I've already noted this interesting comment:

Fon has to provide special VPN tunneling technology in the UK for the UK secret services to investigate suspected criminals and terrorists when they log on to our WiFi signal.

Strangely, this passage has now been "disappeared" from the original post....

Here's some more interesting info - not quite so controversial, this time:

Fon now has 10 times more hotspots around the world than our second closest rival. In the UK and Japan our coverage is especially good. With this crisis Fon cannot think of deep pocketed investors continuing to cover high burn rates, regardless of the fact that our investors are BT, Google, eBay, Itochu, and some of the largest VCs in the world.

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