24 January 2007

There is no War on Terror

Blimey, there's hope yet:

London is not a battlefield. Those innocents who were murdered on July 7 2005 were not victims of war. And the men who killed them were not, as in their vanity they claimed on their ludicrous videos, 'soldiers'. They were deluded, narcissistic inadequates. They were criminals. They were fantasists. We need to be very clear about this. On the streets of London, there is no such thing as a 'war on terror', just as there can be no such thing as a 'war on drugs'.

The fight against terrorism on the streets of Britain is not a war. It is the prevention of crime, the enforcement of our laws and the winning of justice for those damaged by their infringement.


Anonymous said...


A voice of reason in a world gone mad with fear and loathing. Perhaps there is hope, afterall, if voices like this are being heard.

Anonymous said...


There is no war on poverty,
There is no war on drugs,
There is no war on terror--see?--
But are a lot of thugs.

It´s "homeland" thugs appall me most,
As they ought to know better--
But: using words wrong has a cost,
As makes a nation debtor.

The "war on this" and "war on that"
Indistinguishable "under God,"
Are an exact equivalent
For such a word jihad.

Glyn Moody said...


Who wrote it?