23 January 2007

OOo: The Seagull Spreads Its Wings

Good to see that OpenOffice.org project getting more ambitious:

The scope of the ODF Toolkit project is:


To improve the ability to use OpenOffice.org as a programming framework for creating and processing OpenDocument (ODF) documents rather than to use it as a desktop application. This will be achieved by transforming an appropriate subset from the OpenOffice.org source code basis, and by adapting it to the new purpose.


To provide a home for components that can be used for processing ODF documents and that are either based on the new ODF Toolkit, or complement it.

Both together constitutes the ODF Toolkit, which is a toolkit for ODF document creation and processing. This toolkit shares its source code with the OpenOffice.org desktop application where ever this is reasonable. That is, based on the OpenOffice.org source code, there is the OpenOffice.org suite, and an ODF Toolkit, which is tailored to processing ODF documents outside traditional office desktop applications.

(Via Erwin Tenhumberg.)

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