25 January 2007

Virtual Architecture

One of the defining characteristics of Second Life is the ability to build things. The most notable manifestation of this is the tens/hundreds of thousands of buildings that dot Second Life's landscape. If you've ever wondered how people create the amazing constructions there, here's a short YouTube video that gives a handy introduction. (Helpful hint: lose the Beethoven 9 - it's hardly suitable as background music, and really doesn't add anything to the video.)

It's a short machinima from The Arch, which is written by Jon Brouchoud (SL Keystone Bouchard):

I’m a RL Architect, and have recently dissolved my practice into an exclusively virtual mode. I started by using Second Life as a professional tool, and have since decided to devote all of my energy toward developing and contributing to the convergence of architecture and the metaverse.

It's probably the best place to keep on top of the burgeoning virtual architecture scene.

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