25 January 2007

Open Linux Router

When I wrote about the open source router Vyatta, I noted that it was slightly ironic that only now is free software addressing the area. So it's good to see another project, called simply the Open Linux Router doing the same:

The Open Linux Router will be a network appliance unlike any other. Its modular design will empower the user with the ability to pick and choose what features and/or services will and will not be included on the implementation. By scaling the features and services down, the Open Linux Router can easily be installed on a small, embedded device. Although, if the implementation demands functionality, it is just as easy to add the features, which provides the Open Linux Router with a wide and diverse demographic. Residential and small business implementations have a certain set of needs, while an enterprise implementation requires a more concentrated operation and thats what drives the modular approach to services and features. The learning curve is also greatly reduced through a consolidation of the nominal devices that your IT staff would currently have to master to rise to the same level of productivity. This project aims to encourage open source software for network systems and solutions.

(Via Linux and Open Source Blog.)

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Anonymous said...

You didn't do your homework then, because there have been almost 10 linux router projects that came before vyatta.

LRP comes to mind.
Click.. and a handful others.

Not to mention that you can just take an off the shelf RedHat system and get it routing packets without thinking.

Vyatta was unique because they were offering support for their product as a router. However, if you were paying for RedHat enterprise support, they would have done the same thing for you.kws