17 March 2009

Indian Opposition, *and* Indian Government

I wrote recently about the main opposition party in India getting behind open source; it seems that the Indian government has also seen the light:

E-mail system of the Prime Minister's Office was under the grip of a computer virus for three months last year forcing officials to replace the software.

The technical glitch plagued the e-mail communication system of the PMO, which was based on the Microsoft Outlook Express, from February to April in 2008.

Although the extent of damage was uncertain, the PMO said that most of the e-mails addressed to it were not received.

The problem was detected only in late April after which the Microsoft Outlook Express email software was discontinued and replaced by another software - Squirrel mail.

"Squirrel mail" is presumably the open source Squirrelmail: "Webmail for nuts". (Via The Reg.)

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