17 March 2009

OpenStreetMap Passes 100,000 Users

Although many people have heard of OpenStreetMap, not everyone realises just how damn successful and important it is becoming. Here's one indication:

Sometime during Monday 16th March 2009 OpenStreetMap gained it’s 100,000′th registered user account!

Moreover, the graph on the page linked to above also shows that there are now over one billion track points on its maps.

I predict that soon people will be talking about OpenStreetMap as a demonstration of how openness works in the same awed tones as they do now about GNU/Linux.


David Gerard said...

I remember talking about OpenStreetMap in 2004 to a friend who worked at Multimap. They were completely dismissive of the idea. This was when Wikipedia was just taking off publicly and I was talking about nothing else ...

Glyn Moody said...

Just think what you'll be able to tell your grandchildren: "when I was young..."