02 March 2009

Help Stop Clause 152...

...of the Coroners and Justice Bill (currently being debated in Parliament): it's not just bad, it's diablolically bad, because it lets the UK government eviscerate the Data Protection Act at will.

As No2ID's Phil Booth put in at the Convention on Modern Liberty:

Please write NOW to your MP - http://www.WritetoThem.com is a single click away - telling him or her that you *refuse your consent* to the arbitrary sharing of your information under any ‘Information Sharing Order’ and that you want him or her to vote to have Clause 152 of the Coroners and Justice Bill (currently being debated in Parliament) *completely removed* from the Bill.

If you care about our fundamental rights and freedoms, the time to act is now - before we lose yet another one!

For those who don’t have time to read Clause 152, it would enable any Minister by order to be able to take any information gathered for one purpose - across the public and private sector - and use it for any other purpose.

All by itself, it is more dangerous than the entire Identity Cards Act - it literally provides the powers to build the Database State.

Please write to your MP *now* - and tell everyone you know about Clause 152, and ask them to write to their MP too.

http://www.WritetoThem.com - “I refuse to consent, stop Clause 152″

We CAN stop this. Over to you…

He speak de troof: please do it....

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