24 May 2007

IBM Opens Up - A Little More

One of the most important journeys in the world of software has been undertaken by IBM. Its early support for first Apache, and then GNU/Linux, were critical in establishing open source as viable for business. Then came the donation of code to Eclipse, and many other smaller acts of openness.

Here's the latest one:

IBM is kicking off an experiment to open up its software development process in a way that mirrors the creation of open source applications.

"The reward of getting our information out there is going to be amazing and critical to the future of IBM's software," Jerry Cuomo, chief technology officer of IBM's WebSphere middleware suite, told vnunet.com in an interview at the IBM Impact 2007 conference in Orlando.

Cuomo is planning to publish the source code control system of software projects and encourage lead engineers to start blogs.

This will allow them to engage in conversations with outside developers and IBM customers and poll them on planned features and technologies.

I'm sure this will become the standard way to develop commercial software. Just think: one day, even Microsoft will be doing it.

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