28 May 2007

DVD-Unlocking in Europe Ruled Lawful

I'd seen this decision, but missed its broader significance:

A Finnish Court has unanimously ruled that the Content Scrambling System (CSS) computer code, which unlocks DVD movies, is lawful in Europe. The decision was a first to interpret the legality of DVD decoding software under the 2001 European Copyright Directive.


What is so exciting about this week’s Finnish Court decision is that it will apply throughout the European Community, since it was an interpretation of the EU-wide Copyright Directive’s definition of the key term “effective” in Article 6. If CSS is not an “effective” technological protection measure regulated by the directive, then its decryption is lawful throughout the European Community.


Besides applying across the EU, European experts believe this ruling will apply across media platforms and not restricted only to DVDs.

I always said those Finns were an intelligent bunch.

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