18 May 2007

An OGGly Duckling?

One of the things I love about Richard Stallman's crusade for freedom is that it is so uncompromising. This means that it tends to espouse strict, unimpeachable positions that may not be totally practical (which he would doubtless say is irrelevant).

A case in point is the new PlayOGG campaign, which encourages people to ditch MP3 files and use the OGG standard instead. Now, I yield to none in my admiration for OGG, but I really can't see this happening. Moreover, it's not long until the troublesome patents on MP3 expire anyway, so the whole question will become moot.


Anonymous said...

I agree with both sentiments!

I like ogg files also but have a digital ton of mp3s that I want to be able to play where ogg is unsupported. Looking forward to mp3 liberation day.

I believe .avi is a similar encumbered format. I want to use it because it is common and because my camera makes movies in that format, and I think it will similarly become free before too long.

Glyn Moody said...

Perhaps we need some big online countdown sites showing how many days etc. until file format freedom?

Cristiano Betta said...

The playOGG campain will never work because MY MOTHER will never understand the difference between OGG and MP3. To her, MP3 equals music on her pc. There is no reason for her to get OGG as it does't offer her any extra value.

If Mp3 ever becomes patent free, than the options are there to offer my mother new and better things which are currently simply not poissble.

Glyn Moody said...

Quite. Arguably the FSF should have done this ten years ago before MP3 became synonymous with music; now, it's just too late for most people to even contemplate the move.