14 May 2007

Hold the Front Page - Or Maybe Not

The hot news, of course, is Microsoft's threat to sue the entire open source ecosystem. Or maybe not. As Techdirt rightly points out, this is not a threat, but actually just re-heated FUD. But even more, it's a final wake-up call: we need to get software patents sorted out before they sort out free software.


Matt C said...

Great blog, Mr. moody. I'm an avid LJ reader and have just set up a site for heading off the patent threats *now -- while they're still nebulous. It's at

It doesn't have a name, but I kinda like "Unnamed" as a name, since the patents in question are unnamed and we're trying to name 'em.

Appreciate all input.


Glyn Moody said...

Nice-looking site - and certainly useful, since you can't have too much information about this stuff.

But if I can make a suggestion, I don't think that calling it "unnamed" does it justice: you need something snappier or else people will get confused.

How about something like "patentlynot" or "patentlywrong", both of which are reasonably self-explanatory?