13 May 2007

A Flash of Recognition

Now, where have I heard this before?

I assert that there is something wrong with web-like "rich" formats that aren't hyperlink-able or indexable by search-engines. You could argue that these bugs could be fixed, and Flash is wisely becoming more URI-addressable and view-source-able over time. But it still ain't the Web. It is not hand-authored, easily tweaked incrementally, copy-and-paste-able. It's hardware.

Oh, yes, I remember:

I hate Flash animations even more: they are not only opaque - there is no cyber-there there - they are barriers to my free navigation of the Web and waste my time as they download. In effect, they turn the Web into television.

Well, television is, indeed, hardware.


Anonymous said...

With the emphasis going into RIAs these days, you are going to see a lot more than Flash in the near future. Silverlight and Java Fx come to mind here.

Question is ... how will they evolve?

Glyn Moody said...

I'm sure you're right, but I'm not optimistic they will develop in the right - as in "open" - direction.