15 December 2007

Read What They Write

Read/WriteWeb is one of the more perceptive blogs - and I thought that even before they wrote this:

In this post we'll give you our pick for Most Promising for Web for 2008.

Originally we planned to pick the most promising Web company for 2008. But in the end the ReadWriteWeb team decided to follow the example set by Time magazine last year, when it named "You" as its 'Person of the Year'. Likewise we think there is no single Web company that is more promising than... the open source movement. It's a loose-knit group that aims to make a huge impact by tying all Web companies together.

Well, obviously, but it's good to see others getting it.


Anonymous said...

"Somewhere there must be an article that thoroughly goes through the various contexts and ways in which "open" is used."
That's a comment I just left at RWW. It since occurred to me, Glyn, that if anyone would know of such an article, it's probably you.
In fact, if anyone has written such an article, it might well be you. And if you haven't yet, why not?:)

Glyn Moody said...

Er, you're reading it, except that it's a blog, not an article....