12 December 2007

Why the Future Will be Eee-Shaped

As I was saying:

The Eee PC has attracted so much attention worldwide that other vendors, including China's Hasee Computer, want to grab a share of the market, Gartner says in its Semiconductor DQ Monday Report this week. The difference is that these companies plan to make low-cost laptops at standard sizes and with better functionality, so they're easier to use.

Hasee plans to launch a low-cost laptop soon, but with a bigger display than the Eee PC, a more powerful processor and much more storage, Gartner says. The Q540X laptop will carry an Intel Celeron 540 processor, an 80G byte hard drive, a 13.3-inch display, weigh 2.19 kilograms and cost just 2,999 Chinese renminbi (US$405), Gartner says.


Anonymous said...

They want to compete with something that is small (7 inch screen), lightweight (less than 1 kg), and robust (flash drive), by producing something that is big (13 inch screen), heavy (over 2 kg), and fragile (hard disk)?

I'm never going to understand big business. Really, I never will.

Glyn Moody said...

They'll probably make it up on the volume....