26 February 2008

All A-Twitter About Open Source

Here's a clever idea. For those - like myself - who don't Twitter, but want to keep up with the Twittersphere, Raven Zachary has put together a consolidated feed of some of the main open source Twitterers:

To highlight open source activity on Twitter, I have launched a new web application today called The Pulse of Open Source. This is the stream of collective consciousness from the open source community on Twitter. You can follow this stream by simply bookmarking the site and visiting regularly or by adding the RSS feed to your feed reader. You can also create a Twitter account and add the individuals you’d like to follow to your own Twitter friends list if you’d prefer. There is also a mobile version of the site for on-the-go viewing.

I particularly like the fact that I can subscribe to an RSS feed, which justs adds to flow of info that sloshes down every few minutes.

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