26 February 2008

OOXML: "Insufficient and Unnecessary"

Google is pretty careful not to poke the Redmond behemoth too publicly, but apparently it couldn't resist over the upcoming OOXML vote:

Currently, the technology industry is evaluating a proposed ISO standard for document formats. Given the importance of a workable standard, Microsoft's submission of Office Open XML (OOXML ) as an additional international standard has caught the attention of many. In September 2007, the original request to ISO was defeated. After further technical analysis of the specification along with all the additional data available on OOXML, Google believes OOXML would be an insufficient and unnecessary standard, designed purely around the needs of Microsoft Office.


Anonymous said...

I loved every part except the call for MS-OOXML to be unified into ODF. MS-OOXML isn't established or used enough to bother with such trouble.

Glyn Moody said...

Well, it might have been a possibility at the beginning, but certainly now it's hard to see how it might be achieved.