25 February 2008

The Value of Nothing

One of those joining this blog in pointing out the power of pricing at zero is Chris Anderson. His next book is called simply "Free", and he's published a convenient synopsis in the form of an article in his personal publishing vehicle, Wired:

It took decades to shake off the assumption that computing was supposed to be rationed for the few, and we're only now starting to liberate bandwidth and storage from the same poverty of imagination. But a generation raised on the free Web is coming of age, and they will find entirely new ways to embrace waste, transforming the world in the process.

Judging by the article, the book will be highly anecdotal - no bad thing for a populist tome. My only concern is that the emphasis will be too much on the "free as in beer" side, neglecting the fact that the "free as in freedom" aspect is actually even more important.

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